Wednesday, May 25, 2011

MD5 File Verification V1.0

MD5 File Verification is a simple utility to perform MD5 or SHA1 file verification for Windows OS. It was designed and developed with performance, reliability and simplicity in mind. MD5 File Verification can be use to get MD5 and SHA1 sum for downloaded files or against your important electronic-documents for consistency check.

  • Lightweight. Only 600KB in size (compressed).
  • Simple and Portable. No dependency and no installation required.
  • No administrator privileges required to run MD5 File Verification.
  • Click on ‘File name’ will point windows explorer to the file.
  • Useful yet fully interactive status image. - Thousands of Free Software Downloads. Updated Daily!

Pen Drive Locker / Unlocker

We proudly announce that our latest freeware: Pen Drive Locker / Unlocker Utility has been released. Find information below on what it can do for you..

PenDrive Locker/Unlocker utility is a small, simple yet truly portable program designed to unlock windows registry which prevent someone to use Flash Drive/Mass Storage/External Drive on USB port. This program
also suitable for system administrator to limit or totally disable USB mass storage device within organisation.

Possible scenario: 

  • You are running cybercafe business or Computer labs and want to prevent virus spreading via USB flash drive. You can use PenDrive Locker/Unlocker to limit access by setting Read Only, or totally disallow the use of flash drive by selecting Disabled 
  • Your friend received a refurbished computer and he/she find out that the USB cannot detect his/her thumb drive. You can use this program to inspect and reset USB setting to original value and see if that helps. 
  • Your company policy is to disallow data transfer to external storage. You aware that USB flash drive cannot be used / not functioning but somehow you are in need to bring back some personal data. Here you can use this small program to enable USB port for flash drive, transfer your personal belonging and disable it back. 

  1. Small and lightweight. Only 750kb 1MB (zipped) 
  2. Extremely easy interface. No-brainer for anyone without IT knowledge 
  3. Quick set and reset. 
  4. Useful message will be displayed if an error occur. 
  5. Royalty-free for personal / commercial use.


Version: 1.2.7
  • UI Improvement
  • Support Windows 8 / 8.1
  • Touch friendly for touch capacitive / resistive screen
  • Minor bug fix & code optimization

Version: 1.1.21
  • New Feature: Automatic request for administrator privilege under Vista, 7, 2008.
  • Bug Fix: Properly show 'current' USB-storage state (Normal, Read Only, Disabled).
  • Minor Fix: Other fixes and code optimization.

Download at:

Cnet Download

Special thanks to below reviewer... and many more

Handy Encryption (Portable) v1.5

Handy Encryption (Portable) is
a program to secure your confidential files such as document
encryption, email message, secret data encryption, or anything that
important to you, your family or businesses. Encryption couldn’t be
that easy and lightweight without Handy Encryption by InstallWHAT.

feature includes:-

  • Not setup required. This
    small .EXE operates straightaway without a need of installation or
  • No admin-privileges required.
    Works flawlessly at very limited login account's previleges, even with
    Guest’s login.
  • Extreamly-easy interface.
    With just 3 buttons [encrypt – decrypt – exit], you can operate Handy
    Encryption even with your eyes closed.
  • Lightweight. 1.5MB in
    size. You can bring anywhere and pass to everyone that matter to you.
  • Automatic File Association (AFA).
    Handy Encryption uses .HANDYENC file format for an encrypted files.
    With AFA enabled, you can move this program anywhere from hard drive to
    flash drive or to network folder as long as it can be run from within
    your machine. Whenever you open .HANDYENC files, it will execute Handy
    Encryption perfectly.
  • Strong Encryption Algorithm.
    Handy Encryption (Portable) uses industry-standard AES-256bit
    encryption with pasphrase hashing, making your confidential file
    impossible to reveal even with the next 15 years of technology
  • Anti-Brute-Force Mechanism.
    Handy Encryption accepts every password entered and proceeds to decrypt
    a file. But only valid password able to reveal the file correctly. This
    eliminate password-guessing attempt either manual or in an automated
    way. Strangers always find an unreadable file from their wrong password
  • Royalty Free. No adware,
    no spyware, no nagware, no worries. Fill free to pass Handy Encription
    (Portable) to your CEO or Chairman. Completely free for everyone to use
    – but donation are always welcome ;0). - Thousands of Free Software Downloads. Updated Daily!
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