Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Super easy "EXE packager" has landed, and its free!

- No Installation Required
- No Admin required to run
- No need to pay (commercial / non-commercial)
- Royalty-free App to enjoy

That's our new baby, The Self-Extractor. Anyone can now create their own install program or archive their files/folder without a need of archiving software. We hope that this utility can serve the purpose to have a solid program without a need of installation process.

Typical self-extracting archive is a computer application which contains a file archive, as well as programming to extract this information. Such file archives do not require a second executable file or program to extract from the archive, as archive files (e.g. *.7z, *.rar, *.zip, *.cab) usually require.

The Self-Extractor is a tool to create self-extracting archive/package at one Windows platform for distribution to similar or another Windows platform, supporting up to Windows 8 Desktop. Need a secure archiving, no worries. Set a password to the archive / package anytime with The Self-Extractor tool.

We hope you enjoy with this tool!

p/s: Hope you enjoy the Self Extracting Demo as well